Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

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Apples are a key ingredient in the production of many health-promoting beverages. In fact, the human body processes both honey and vinegar very similarly, making them both good choices when choosing a drinkable beverage. But for many people, the associations don’t end there. Both of these substances have side effects when consumed in excess. When taken in moderation, both of these natural sugars are safe and natural, but when consumed in excess, they can lead to a host of side effects. In this article, we take a look at the possible side effects of drinking apple cider vinegar and honey, and explain why you should stay away from the two.

How To Tell If Your Drink Is Made From Apple Cider vinegar?

The color, flavor, and amount of acidity of the beverage make it clear when it comes from apples. But the easiest way to tell is to taste it. You can buy apple cider vinegar in the form of a jar, or you can make it at home by following these steps: Whip 2 cups of fresh or frozen apples (don’t use canned) with 2 tablespoons of honey. Put everything in a large jar, seal it up, and place it in the refrigerator. It should stay there for at least three days, and preferably six. When you’re ready to drink it, you can either drink the jar itself, or you can purée the apples and add them to a smoothie or decaf coffee drink.

What Are The Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey?

As we mentioned above, both apple cider vinegar and honey have the potential to improve your health. But that potential is limited in extreme cases, and can be offset by a higher intake of salt in our diet. In other words, the side effects of excess honey and cider vinegar are the same. Excessive consumption of either can lead to a host of unwanted side effects, including acidity (pregnancy check), increased body weight (pregnancy check), increased urination (pregnancy check), increased thirst (pregnancy check), higher cholesterol (pregnancy check), increased blood pressure (pregnancy check), and increased appetite (pregnancy check). In order to get a full understanding of the possible side effects of these natural beverages, we’ve broken them down into five categories:

Healthy eating – You don’t have to pick the least healthy option from a list of five items to reap the health benefits of apples and other fruits. As long as you stay within the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, you should be fine.

Healthy drinking – Although excesses of one or the other don’t usually mean you’re in danger of heading for any side effects, you should still consider drinking them in moderation.

Healthy living – Excessive intake of one or the other can lead to acidity, increased urination, increased thirst, higher cholesterol, increased body weight, and reduced fertility.

Hate drinking – Although both are good for the stomach, excessive intake of either can lead to a sour stomach and an increased risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

What are the side effects of drinking honey?

If you’ve ever wondered why honey is known as “the love drink of the Gods,” or why it’s been scientifically proven to be a powerful healing agent, you’re in luck. Honey is packed with natural ingredients that can do amazing things for your body. However, excessive intake can lead to a host of side effects, including increased urination, increased thirst, increased body weight, increased cholesterol, increased blood pressure, and increased appetite.

Hate drinking – Although there are no studies on this one, we can assume that the disgust factor is high for most people when they think of “hating honey.”

Should You Drink Apple Cider vinegar And Honey?

Both apple cider vinegar and honey are incredibly healthy. If you’re interested in learning more about why, or if, you should drink either one, read on! First, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of drinking each beverage.

Pros of Drinking Apple Cider vinegar

Disinfects your stomach and keeps your body odor-free

 Easy on the wallet – You can buy a jar of it online or in a store, and it’s pretty cheap

 Improves your health – Both apple cider vinegar and honey are natural, healthy sweeteners that can help boost your immune system

 Good for the body – Both of these natural sweeteners are packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants

Cons of Drinking Apple Cider vinegar

– Some people are sensitive to it – You may experience acidity (pregnancy check), increased urination, increased thirst, higher cholesterol, increased blood pressure, and reduced fertility.

– Avoid if you’re pregnant or planning a baby.

– Don’t eat or drink anything before going to bed if you’re planning on drinking it

Bottom line

There are plenty of reasons to drink apple cider vinegar and honey. Both are natural, healthy drinkables that can help you feel energy and alertness, increase your metabolism, and keep your skin and hair healthy.

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