How to Enjoy the Benefits of Apple Murabba?

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For many people, the apple is the symbol of innocence, health, and good taste. It’s said that the ancients revered the juicy, sweet fruit as a symbol of life. They also considered it an emblem of wisdom and philosophy. Nowadays, the apple is still widely viewed as an emblem of innocence, but today’s world has other ideas. The apple is associated with iniquity and decay. If you are one of those people, you are in good company. Many people are now looking forward to the fall when they can ditch the apple in favor of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and other healthy snacks. Moreover, the vernal equinox, the day when the sun aligns with the equinox, is also known as apple murabba, or the day when fruits are at their sweetest. If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of apple murabba, read on to know how you can do so.

Switch to a fresh fruit

When it comes to enjoying the benefits of apple murabba, you can’t just stick with the standard banana and orange. Instead, you should go for a variety of fresh fruits like kiwi, papaya, guava, and many more. Fresh fruits are more nutritious and have a much better taste than those found in stores. If you are not a fruit lover, you can try soaking the fruits in water for an hour or two before consuming them. This will help you enjoy the full flavor and texture of the fruit.

Try murabba

When you are in the mood for a snack that has strong nutritional value and is an excellent source of energy, you should try murabba. Murabba is an Indian sweet made from rice and almond flour. The batter is mixed using besan (a.k.a. chickpea flour), urad dal, sesame, and other spices. Once mixed, the batter is poured over rice and allowed to sit for a day. Once the rice is cooked, murabba is added and the batter is soaked in water for another 24 hours. Finally, the batter is mixed again and the snack is consumed.

Eat for your health

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of apple murabba, you should try to consume it at different times of the day. Consuming it before a meal will give you a boost of energy while having it at bedtime will help you sleep soundly. The fat in the fruit is very good for your health, especially since it is high in omega-3 fatty acids. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals, especially potassium, manganese, and vitamin C. Though consuming it regularly can help you stay healthy, you should not overdo it, as too much of anything is not good for you.

Eat with your eyes first

When it comes to enjoying the benefits of apple murabba, you should first look it straight in the face. When you see the color orange, for example, you should picture sweet, juicy oranges. What you see before you is a different fruit – the sweet potato. The potato is actually a root vegetable, but it is often mistaken for an orange since it looks like one. If you closely examine the potato, you will notice that it is actually a grass-like plant with small, hard skin. Being that it is also a starchy root, you would expect it to have a bitter taste, but that is not the case with potatoes. The taste of potato is actually quite sweet, and it is what makes it a superfood.

Soaked overnight

Many people are under the notion that the potato needs to be cooked in the next day or so in order to get its maximum nutritional value. However, soaking the potato overnight will give it the nutritional benefits of both the day and the night before. In fact, when the potato is soaked for a night, it is able to absorb up to six times its weight in water. After being soaked, the potato is dried and retains its nutritional value for a long time. You can then use it in your favorite recipes. It is also used in pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Don’t forget the salt!

One of the most common mistakes made by people who want to enjoy the benefits of apple murabba is not adding enough salt to their food. While salt is good for your health, it is also an essential mineral found in many foods like sea salt, iodized salt, and Morton’s salt. However, when you do not add salt to your food, the flavor of the food will have less chance of getting lost in the mix. Also, when you have a food that is not usually seasoned with salt, you tend to enjoy its taste more.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and eating an apple every day can certainly help you stay healthy. It is a known fact that eating a healthy diet can help you stay healthy for longer periods of time. The benefits of eating an apple are almost endless – it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and provides energy. If you are craving an apple but don’t want to go to the effort of preparing it, granulated sugar can satisfy your sweet tooth. However, if you are trying to lose weight or want to improve your health, you should be including more fruits and vegetables in your diet. The combination of proteins, complex carbs, and fat found in fruits and vegetables is ideal for our bodies.

If you are wondering how to enjoy the benefits of apple murabba, all you need to do is to buy an apple, cut it into slices, and then eat it. This can be done any time of the day, and you can even snack on it during your work or school hours.

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