How To Enjoy The Advantages Of Custard Apple?

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How To Enjoy The Advantages Of Custard Apple?

It’s the most frighteningly delicious of the apple varieties. It’s also one of the most frustrating. If you’ve ever wondered why custard apples are so elusive, you’ll know why they’re worth seeking out.

Hidden among the glowing, green, juicy goodness of the vast majority of apples is an obscure variety that is only available in New Zealand. Only a handful of these apples have ever been bred in New Zealand, and only one plant exists today. If you’ve got access to a tree, it’s worth looking for this variety.

The custard apple is a cross between a Northern Spy and an Oldenburg, two of the most popular apples in the world. The result is a small, firm apple that’s sweeter than the rest, with a custardy texture and a mildly pithy taste.

It’s a relatively new apple cultivar, so there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. But as a result, it has a great deal to offer – and not just as an unexpected treat.

Here are a few reasons why you should give the Custard apple a try.

Its deliciousness

The flavors of the Custard apple are rich and sweet, with notes of custard, almonds, and vanilla.

It’s a relatively simple apple to make use of, and a great choice for anybody looking for a special treat.

It’s a great choice for baking

A key factor in the success of the Custard apple is the way in which it’s bred. While most apples are dicots, the Custard is a coniferyl, and thus has a unique texture when baked.

Because of this, the apple is a great choice for all kinds of baking. From pies to cobblers and crumbles, you can use it to its full advantage.

If you’re making a custardy item for the first time, start with a basic custard recipe. As you learn more about it, you can substitute other ingredients to suit your taste.

It makes a beautiful dessert apple

When you’ve finished using it up as applesauce can pop it in the oven with a few potatoes to make a delicious dessert. Or, if you’re lucky, you can grow your own luscious, ripe custard apple and eat it in its natural state.

You can also make applesauce with the Mid-Season apple, which is bred to be more productive and has more benefits.

It can be cooked with a custardy texture

Custard apples are generally rather firm when eaten, which can make them ideal for cooking. You can cut through the fibrous base of the apple with a spoon, so the custardy texture is easy to achieve.

It’s also worth noting that the flavors of the custard apple are enhanced when the fruit is cooked. This is likely due to the fact that the starch in the fruit makes the finished product less watery.

So, make sure you bake or stew the apple before you eat it.

It has an interesting history

The exact origins of the Custard apple are unclear, but it’s believed to be New Zealand’s first modern apple cultivar.

Unfortunately, there are no records of its cultivation during the Māori era, which is the period New Zealand is officially known to have had a population.

It’s thought that the concept of the custard apple was brought over by the early European settlers, who used it as a dessert apple.

It might even be that the Māori didn’t know how to make it, or how to store it, so it was passed down to them from the Europeans.

It’s on course to be released in New Zealand

In early 2020, the first batch of Custard apples will be released in New Zealand. They will be available as an open-pollinated cultivar, meaning that they’re a plant breeding miracle.

How to enjoy the Custard Apple

The flavor and texture of the custard apple are not unlike that of custard. The only variation you’ll experience is in the consistency of the recipe.

Most custard recipes call for heavy whipping cream, which is why you’ll often see it mentioned as a key ingredient. However, you can substitute one of the other dairies produce varieties that are available, such as full-fat coconut milk or heavy whipping cream, for a more custardy texture.

If you make your own custard, you can add a variety of nuts or seeds to give it a more complex texture.


The custard apple is a unique variety that’s only available in New Zealand. Despite its similarities to other popular apples, like the Northern Spy, the custard apple is unique in several ways. You’ll find it only in New Zealand, and it’s a cross between two popular apples — Northern Spy and Oldenburg.

It can be a little tricky to grow, but when you’ve got it, you’ll definitely be missing out on the joys of baking without it.

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