Best Custard Apple Benefits for Weight Loss

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The word “custard” conjures up images of a sweet, frothy dessert that is almost a requirement at a family get-together. In fact, the word “custard” is a byproduct of the word “custodian”. That’s right. Custard is a type of thick, sweet, yellowish dessert that is often served for dessert. Depending on the regional variations, it may be referred to as a “custard pie”, “Butter Pudding”, or “Custard Apple Pie”. The best part is that it’s one of the healthiest desserts around. However, most people have probably never heard of it until they have tried it for themselves.

Wondering what the benefits are of eating a dessert rather than a regular meal? Well, the answer is simple. Eating a dessert first thing in the morning is one of the best ways to get rid of excess weight. Here are 7 reasons why you should start eating a custard apple for your health:

Custard Apple for Weight Loss

This one is a tough one because there are so many options! You can either go for an apple pie or a custard apple. Regardless, the best custard apple for weight loss is the one you enjoy the most. It will take a combination of factors, but one of the best ways to tell if an apple is ripe is by its color. When the apples are too soft and puffy to be considered “ripe”, they are said to be “overripe”. Once you know for sure, you can either order an apple pie or a custard apple, depending on your preferences.

It Helps you Stay Full

This is definitely a benefit you won’t be able to appreciate until you try it. A study found that subjects who made an effort to eat only when they were hungry experienced a greater rate of satiety (fullness) than those who didn’t. This means that eating a snack that is too full can lead to an increased risk of diet-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. A snack that has been proven to be full of flavor and nutrients is definitely a snack you want to include in your daily intake.

Loaded with antioxidants

A study found that eating apples along with vitamin C-rich vegetables like broccoli and romaine lettuce helps prevent the progression of some types of cancer. What’s even more amazing is that it happens when you least expect it. The body produces vitamin C naturally when it comes in contact with food, thus boosting the immune system.

It Has Other Health Benefits

Besides keeping you full and preventing cancer and heart problems, another benefit of eating apples is that it may help you gain focus and improve memory. Furthermore, it may also prevent macular degeneration or the loss of your eyesight. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness due to age, and it is strongly connected with poor diet quality. Eating apples along with other strong fresh vegetables like broccoli, sweet potatoes, and lettuce can help improve your brain health and prevent macular degeneration.

It’s Gluten-Free

Unfortunately, not every gluten-free restaurant is legitimate. If you are wondering if an item contains gluten, the first indication will be cross-contamination. That’s because gluten is contained in many common ingredients like cornmeal and prescreened food like baked goods and donuts. The best place to start is to read the ingredient lists of items you purchase in-store, or on the internet. If you are not fully aware of what you are consuming, the risk of anaphylaxis and other severe allergic reactions is very real.

It’s dairy-free

Many people are surprised to learn that this is a dairy-free dessert. While it is true that most custards contain milk, it is not true that all dairy products do. You can find many many ice creams and frozen yogurt brands that are dairy-free, as well as many different types of frozen custards. If you are lactose-intolerant, you may want to try an alternative sweetener like lemon meringue or orange sherbet.


The best part about eating a custard apple is that it helps you stay full and helps to prevent CVD, cancer, and other diseases. It also helps with satiety (fullness) which is great for improving diet quality and preventing macular degeneration. The only downside is that it’s pretty pricey. However, if you compensate for the high cost by making more healthy choices, then you are bound to end up with a healthier body!

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