Apple Murabba Benefits in Hindi – What You Need to Know

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Apple Murabba Benefits in Hindi – What You Need to Know

Do you love your Indian food? Does it make you happy? If you are a true Hindu, then you should know that there is a new Chief Murtlapurana in town- Ke-Le-Mura-Bholla-Bha-Bha-Bat-Bat-Ba-Bat! And his name is MURTAGAM! Murabba means delicious in Hindi and this is the perfect place to come and enjoy the finest Indian cuisine at affordable rates! And the best part? You can now find Murabba in the comfort of your home through the use of our exclusive app! So, are you ready to learn what Murabba benefits in Hindi? Let’s get started.

What is a Murabba?

A Murabba, also known as a South Indian Curry, is one of the most popular and well-liked Indian curries. It is a very rich and hearty dish, making use of vegetables and whole spices. Murabba is typically eaten with rice and is particularly loved by South Indians.

It consists mostly of vegetables and spices, making it a perfect choice for diabetics and people on a low-fat diet. Additionally, it is also known to be an excellent booster for the immune system.

There are many types of Murabbas, with each having its own unique flavor profile. Generally, the basic ingredients for a murabba are coconut, tomato, red bell pepper, potato, manna or urad dal, turmeric, cumin, and spices.

What Can You Order From Murabba?

You can order a variety of Indian dishes at Murabba, including the following:

Cornflakes – A savory breakfast item, cornflakes are made from corn and wheat and are popular in South India.

Aloo Gobi – A savory potato recipe, aloo gobi is a popular Indian potato dish.

Makhani – A rich and creamy South Indian dish, makhani is loved by all.

Masala Dosa – A savory South Indian rice and lentil batter creation, masala dosa is a popular lunch item in South India.

Vegetable Samosas – A savory samosa recipe, vegetable samosas are loved by all.

Poori – A savory northern Indian dish, poori is a great snack to end a meal.

Murabba Benefits in Hindi

Now that you know what a murabba is, and what it entails, let’s move on to the benefits of Murabba in Hindi.

Helps in Weight loss: One of the most talked-about benefits of Murabba is that it helps in weight loss. Unlike high-fat commercial products that have a small nutritional boost, all you need to add to a murabba to make it a meal is some vegetables and you are all set. The combination of different vegetables and spices in a murabba makes it a weight loss saver.

Lowers Cholesterol: The natural oils present in fruits like avocados and coconut make them ideal for making murabba. Add some rice to make it a complete meal and you have a powerful heart health booster.

Good For The Memory: Another major benefit of Murabba is that it helps in memory formation. Apart from increasing your sense of smell, taste, and touch, all you have to do is think of something nice and you will most likely taste it in your murabba. You can add or remove any of the ingredients to create a completely different taste.

Easy on the stomach: The super low cost of murabba makes it affordable for the average housewife. A single roti or idli costs you as little as Rs 5. And that too for a single serving! A single murabba costs you nothing and can be a great go-to snack for when you are hungry or have no time to prepare a proper meal.

Exotic Fish at Murabba

If you are a lover of seafood and are in the mood for exotic fish, Murabba is the place to go. The owner of Murabba, Mr. Kulendu Jain, is a passionate fish fan and sources his fish from around the world. He is also a certified fishmonger and offers a wide range of fish, including the following:

Specialty fishes: Arctic char, surimi, bluefin tuna, Atlantic salmon, king mackerel, etc.

Freshwater fishes: Catfish, drum, loach, etc.

Oceans: Metaldehyde, sciaena, hake, etc.

Paneer at Murabba

Paneer is a cheese made from cow’s milk and is very similar to Swiss cheese. The name comes from the Hindi word Panahi, which means mixed. Apart from being a great source of calcium, milk, and protein, paneer is also known to be low in fat.

It is not just paneer that Kulendu sources from; he also uses groundnut, neem, and walnut.

Idlis and Dosa at Murabba

Idlis and dosa are mouth-watering South Indian breakfast items. They are thin rice crepes, made with fermented rice and urad dal, and are not only loved by breakfast lovers, but also used as a lunch box item.

You can order idlis or dosa at Murabba, along with a selection of select South Indian side dishes, including:

Palm Kichai – A savory South Indian salad, made from palm and other vegetables, palm kichai is a perfect summer side dish.

Mango Chutney – A tangy South Indian condiment made from mangoes, mango chutney is a must-have in summers.

Murray at Murabba

A mouth-watering dish from the north, Murray is a potato curry made with fermented potato and spices and is primarily eaten in Punjab and Haryana.

The potato is a great source of essential minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium, as well as manganese.

Murray is very filling, so you should order it only after you have eaten dinner at Murabba.

What’s Next?

Now that you know what Murabba benefits in Hindi, it’s time to get started on your journey to achieve great health. You can order a single roti or idli at Murabba, along with a selection of South Indian side dishes, or opt for a variety pack that contains three meals. You can mix and match the side dishes according to your preferences, or go for a mild, medium, or spicy version. For a balanced meal, you can also opt for the sabudana rice and a vegetable dish.


Indian Cuisine is one of the most mouth-watering cuisines available in the world. It is full of flavors and is loved by everybody. With the help of Murabba, you can enjoy the finest Indian cuisine at affordable rates.

Not only that, but you can also optimize your health by choosing a diet that contains plenty of fiber and vitamins, as well as healthy fats.

With just a few simple changes, you can enrich your diet with more fiber and vitamins, as well as lose some weight.

So, what are you waiting for? Give Murabba a try today and never look back!

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